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Gain Access To The Top Crypto Experts

Learn what Cryptocurrencies they are investing in and why!


The finance world is being reinvented by Crypto.  Learn how to be your own bank and fully understand the revolution.


Learn how to use software and hardware wallets to safely store and protect your Cryptocurrencies.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

We monitor the latest ICOs and will teach how to determine between scams and real investments.  You’ll never waste money on a “shitcoin” again!

My Students Make Money!

Tracy got scammed from a "daily interest paid" Bitcoin scam site. I taught him how to manage his own Crypto and he made the money back, and more, within one month!

Tracy Counterman

Hi Jeff,

Hey I just wanted to make this video and thank you for the insight and information that I got off your GuruAcademy.

You know I was kind of wandering the Crypto scene by myself I got burnt for quite a bit of money.

Once I found you and started to get your information and your insight on how things work and how to set thing things up safely it really has been a help and ease my peace of mind to know that I'm going to be set up and the best way available.

So I really do appreciate your courses!

I look forward to taking more of them keep up the great work and and let me know when there's new modules thanks Jeff.

Kingsley made over 3x his initial investment within his first month!

Kingsley Advani

Hey Guys,

I'm Kingsley from London, and Jeffs been coaching me on cryptocurrencies for the past month. So in a month i've learned three main things from Jeff first of all the psychology around investing.

Jeff has taught me a lot about being patient, which is really important, and secondly Jeff has taught me a lot about technical analysis within cryptocurrency. So he's taught me a lot about looking at patterns and looking at trends he's shown me a bunch of tools that I can use to analyze cryptocurrencies and they've been very powerful.

Thirdly Jeff has given me a very good tips on cryptocurrency so he does a lot of analysis on lot of the coins and he always has good tips so as a result of all of these three I'm currently up about three times my initial investment.

I've learnt a lot from Jeff and I still think there's a lot more I can learn from him.

In-Depth Easy To Understand Courses!

A Selection Of Our Best Courses..

Gain Access To The Top Crypto Experts

Learn what Cryptocurrencies they are investing in and why!

Webinar Access

Weekly In-depth Training

I provide a huge amount of value to you each week via an in-depth webinar covering what the students are most interested in at that moment. This adds up to over 4 hours of expertise every single month, and this is in addition to the course content itself.

Zoom Roundtables

Our Weekly Crypto Hangout

The weekly roundtables hosted on Zoom allow you the chance to meet the other students and share with us your best trades, your worst trades and your goals for the future. This helps all of us level up our portfolios and keep each other on track. And, as a group of people, we are able to research more ICOs than just on our own.

Gain Access To The Top Crypto Experts

Learn what Cryptocurrencies they are investing in and why!

Trading Room

Get In-Depth and up-to-date analysis the second it happens.

The member's only discord server is where all of the action is and where you will find all of the current trades. My analysis is announced live and all movements in the market are tracked so you don't have to. This is where we hangout and talk Crypto daily or discuss trades.

Gain Access To The Top Crypto Experts

Learn what Cryptocurrencies they are investing in and why!

What's Included?

Unlimited Course Access ($2997 Value)

Yep, thats right, you get unlimited access to all of the courses on the platform, and new courses will continuously be developed and added.

Trading Room ($9997 Value)

You'll get a private invite to our exclusive member's only Discord server where you can discuss Cryptocurrencies and talk about live trades in our trading room with encrypted voice and text chat.

Weekly Workshop Access ($1997 Value)

We will also be doing in-depth webinar workshops where a topic is picked by the platform members and a mini class is conducted. During the workshop you will be able to ask questions and have them answered live. Recordings will be available for those of you that miss the live webinar.

Zoom Roundtables ($997 Value)

Our Zoom Roundtables are a chance to get to know other members in a laid back setting where we chat about our current crypto holdings, mining, business, marketing, whatever is on your mind. This is time to help each other level up and build relationships with fellow members around the world over video.

30-Min Onboarding Strategy Call ($297 Value)

Our Crypto Expert, Jeff Lambert, will personally call you and discuss strategy with you to insure that you get the most from your membership to the platform. This is your chance to ask and get direct answers to anything relating to Crypto, Marketing, Business, Sales and most any other topic. It also helps us know what modules will help you learn the most.

and more…!

This is only the beginning of the platform and as we grow and continue to add more content daily, there will be other benefits to membership that are released over time. As some of the first members you benefit by retaining the price you signup at for the life of your membership and special bonuses as we release them 😉

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Only $97 Per Month For Unlimited Access!

You can cancel at anytime.